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Dress Guide

So you're booked in, but now you don't know what to wear? Don't worry, I got you!



Matching is out, complimenting is in!

Start with shades from any colour palette. I will share some throughout this guide.  Use 2-4 different shades to dress everyone in.

We want to compliment each other vs matching and clashing.


Keep things neutral and earthy, then try adding pops of colours to spice things up.

The Perfect Example

khaki, browns, creams or ivory with shots of rust, mustard, olive or forrest green, even darker navy blue or vintage blue.  Add a splash of colour with bright blooms against earthy undertones.


Patterns are beautiful!  But we don't want to overwhelm the image with clashing patterns.

Choose a single pattern in various textures such as:

Knits, ruffles, lace, velvet, fringe, linen, feathers and more.


Inspired by movement. 

This is an easy way to show off individual personalities:

Scarves, hats, belts, baby wraps , hair wrap, jewellery, men and little boy suspenders, beanies, flowing sweaters with textures. 

Most importantly make sure you are comfortable in whatever you choose to wear! You will feel most at ease if you are comfortable, stylish and practical.  Stay away from going too tight, too short, or too revealing for your comfort level, or it will show in the images.

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